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Fox Valley Roof Repair

Attractive and affordable compared to metal or slate roofing, asphalt shingle roofs are incredibly common across the US and Fox Valley. Shingles have a longer lifespan and are also more durable than wood. This, combined with the relative ease of maintenance, is why asphalt shingle roofing still grows in popularity.

Shingle Roof Repair & Rejuvenation CompanyAsphalt shingles, though durable and a good value, will degrade over time due to weather, leaf buildup, microcracks, and other damage to the roof. Even pressure washing and harsh chemicals can reduce the lifespan of your roof, resulting in the need for roof repairs, or even costly whole roof replacement.

Whether you require roof repair or replacement depends on the extent and the type of damage on the roof. The sooner you can identify potential problem areas and damage, the more likely your roof can be saved with minor repairs. Once your roof has been repaired, we are able to apply a protective and rejuvenating product that will extend the lifespan of your shingle roof by another five years, guaranteed.

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Roof Repair Process

Benefits of membrane ApplicationRoof repairs can range from simple fixes to major projects. You may be dealing with storm damage, mildew resulting from water build-up, leaks, cracks, or color changes to your shingles that can impact both the curb appeal and the functionality of your roof.

It is imperative that Fox Valley roof repairs are performed in a timely manner, especially if bad weather is on the way. Leaving an unrepaired or only partially repaired roof unprotected will often only result in further damage the roof, which may result in requiring a total roof replacement instead of just a few repairs. Our roofing company experts can assist with repairs to ensure that your roof is in peak performance, as well as provide you with an affordable method for increasing the lifespan of your roof.

Simplifying Roof Repair with membrane

Roof issues are best left to the professionals. When you find cracks and other signs of drying out on your asphalt shingle, there is a significant chance that your entire roofing is suffering from unseen, similar problems.

At this point, you may have to replace most, if not all, of your shingles. Fortunately, you do not have to replace your entire roof with membrane.

membrane is a cutting-edge technology developed with millions of micro-beads that will rejuvenate your entire roof without having to replace it. The all-natural oil will penetrate any old brittle roof which effectively fixes unseen cracks and other damages. A single treatment of membrane will extend your roof’s lifespan for up to fifteen years.

We have three simple steps to ensure that your roof will serve you for more years to come:Roof Inspection

  1. Detailed inspection – This is a crucial first step in revitalizing your roof. We conduct a detailed evaluation of your entire roofing system to make sure that we fix any other issues before applying membrane. We will take pictures and discuss the issues. Then, we will offer simple solutions to repair the problems.Roof Repairs & Preparation
  2. Roof Maintenance – After evaluation, we will perform a general tune-up of your entire roof. We will focus on the flashings, which are the most leak-prone parts of your roof surface. By conducting roof maintenance, we will maximize the application of membrane.Final membrane Application
  3. membrane Treatment – Application of membrane formula is quick and easy. It is a plant-based solution, which means it is 100% safe. You do not have to worry and stress about its effect on your family and surrounding foliage. It only takes about two hours to apply. Your asphalt shingle roof will regain its waterproof quality and flexibility within 72 hours.

Best Roof Repair Company

Roof Maintenance CompanyDuPage County Roofing is your best Fox Valley roofing company. We are your neighborhood roof experts. Whether you are looking to repair minor roof issues to major roof problems, we can handle it with three easy steps.

Our roof specialists are trained to spot many roof issues, even problems that you cannot easily see. We will provide simple solutions even before we apply membrane to ensure that you have the best roof system for years to come.

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Free Roof Repair Consultation

Rejuvenating your roof starts by getting in touch with us at (630) 403-8944. Our Fox Valley roof repair experts are always ready to answer your questions. By discussing the current state of your roof with us, we can develop a set of solutions that will bring it back to life and give you peace of mind.

Avoid expensive roof repairs and roof replacement by taking advantage of membrane. Our cutting-edge roofing technology will revitalize your entire roofing system in less than three days at a fraction of the cost!

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